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Be "COOL" and "PROTECT" Your Piece With DA-BOOT!

Puff smoother smoke with a one-of-a-kind water pipe chiller and protector from our Alta Loma, California, professionals. DA-BOOTS rubber water pipe boot looks exactly like a shoe or boot, providing you with a unique way to cool your bong smoke and protect your piece from breaking! To get your boot, you can order online or look for it to soon be in your local smoke shop.

Why Purchase Our Bong Boot?

Protects your glass from all surfaces.
• Offers Better Balance for Your Glass.
• Provides a Non-Slip Grip.

Cools for a smoother smoke.

 • Has a Flexible fit that goes on all 5" beaker bottoms or smaller glass!

Eliminates the need to drain water caused by melting ice.

 • Fully Customizable for Unique art work.

Made in the USA

 Bong Protector in Alta Loma, CA

How It Works

Simply put your boot on the base of your water pipe or glass vase to protect against breaking, cracking, or chipping. The boot also cools the water inside the glass, providing you with smoother smoke with each puff.

Call or email us for more information about our smoker-friendly bong chiller and protector.



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